Adventures Outside, Wellness Inside.



Just ask our guests.



One of the best weeks of my life. Thank you, @shiftandsee.

Cathryn / Finance Manager / Colorado / osa retreat 2018



I want to reiterate my gratitude for having been a part of your beautiful week on the Osa Peninsula. You found a magical place to help us all take the time to pause and reflect, an undeniable need we have for nourishing our souls. We were so privileged to be together in such a beautiful and healthy environment and support one another in centering, relaxing, strengthening, exploring. It will always be an incredibly memorable experience for me and I sincerely thank you for all your efforts in making a little piece of heaven happen for us. Your yoga classes are seriously some of the best I've ever had!

TATIANA  /  FILMMAKER  /  BROOKLYN  /  osa retreat 2017



The trip of a lifetime.

Krister  /  sweden  /  raja ampat ocean retreat 2018



I’ve done a Whitewater Kayaking & Yoga trip on a river in Washington, and a Surf & Yoga Retreat in Mexico with Toby and Wanna. They create great experiences that are mindful and fun.

andy burton  /  dentist  /  washington  /  columbia gorge 2012 & troncones 2015



Meeting Wanna began a life transformation. She was sincerely interested my questions about yoga and gave me thoughtful sincere answers. This meant a lot to me because I believed that she saw her job as providing me a safe, comfortable introduction to yoga. While I knew she couldn’t protect me from my mistakes, they weren’t a big deal. From this came the beginning of my yoga practice. When I look back now over the last 12 months I can say that I am stronger, I am more flexible, I am thinner, and I am more calm and less anxious than I was a year ago. So much of this I attribute to Wanna. She is my teacher and she takes this responsibility seriously.

Gayland  /  financial consultant  /  private client  



I recently finished yoga teacher training with Wanna. She is an excellent teacher and knows how to make learning fun, memorable, and applicable. In addition, her yoga classes are superb. She is able to tap into exactly what the student needs, allowing and helping the student safely explore their physical and spiritual edges.




Going to yoga just for exercise is great, but temporary. The 200-Hour Teacher Training helped add the heart, mind, and soul to my practice. Incorporating pranayama, meditation, and asana has helped me with a lifestyle change. I’m calmer, more positive, and less reactionary. The instructors for this program are powerful mentors and sweet souls.