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Our Guides

We collaborate with yoga facilitators, outdoor guides and instructors from different fields to create a shift in your body and life.


Wanna johansson

Born the Philippines and raised in Austria and the US, I found yoga in 1998 while seeking relief from the pain of a back injury and emotional trauma. In 2009, I  opened a yoga studio and trained as an Anusara-inspired instructor. In 2014, I trained with Tara Judelle in Embodied Flow™ and  assisted her in developing her school’s training manuals and curricula. I’ve also studied Tantra, Vipassana, Vinyasa, and Iyengar-style yoga, and Nigerian dance. I’ve been leading yoga and outdoor retreats for a decade to share what I’ve learned about connecting the inner practices of yoga with the teachings of the nature. I welcome all people to yoga as a source of nourishment, growth and fun. Off the mat I’m sliding down a hill on a snowboard, paddling for a wave, diving in the ocean, drawing in ink, or cooking you a meal.

ERYT-500 Instructor


Tobias johansson
YOGA FACILITATOR + wilderness guide

Call me Toby. I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast, educator and guide for most of my life, starting in Sweden, my home country. My first gig was teaching scuba diving at 15, and for 20 years I have guided and trained guides in scuba diving, rafting, kayaking and backcountry skiing. Before moving to the US in 2003, I was a ranger and platoon leader for the Swedish military and earned a master’s degree in engineering. Between my punishing outdoor activities and sitting at a desk, my body was in pain for years and I found profound healing through yoga, eventually training with Tara Judelle in Bali and Greece. Off the mat, I’m sliding up a hill on skins, down on a snowboard, long-distance swimming between islands, guiding on rivers, boating in whitewater, diving in the ocean, surfing, or building in my wood shop.

RYT-200 Instructor



Yoga & Hiking
In Andalusia, Spain

with Rachel and Wanna

Rachel’s work flows out of her experience as a nature guide, yoga instructor, counselor and yoga therapist and merges nature-based practices, psychology, classical yoga, and neuroscience. Her studies and training have often been rooted in eastern philosophy or western science and now, in bridging the two, she has found a common language that is more holistic and supportive than either could be on its own, just like the mind, body and brain comprise one integrated system. Her master’s in counseling has made her more aware of the body’s role in the therapeutic process—and how often the body isn’t engaged at all. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy provided the therapeutic bridge she was looking for and  she was certified in 2001. She also trained with Animas Valley Institute, guiding personal transformation retreats in the Utah and Colorado wilderness.

ERYT-500 Instructor



Originally from Poland, Alex made her home in the Philippines more than seven years ago. Drifting from her career as a scuba diving instructor, she became more drawn to yoga, veganism and other healthy lifestyle choices. She completed her Teacher Training in the stunning Himalayan setting of Dharamsala, India. In her teaching she oscillates between Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin, styles, to share the practice that is a true reflection of her current inner state.

Spending significant time with the Tibetan communities of northern India, she became mesmerized by Tibetan singing bowls, which made her dive deeper into the powerful healing abilities of these ancient instruments. She completed her Sound Healing Certifications Level 1 and 2, also in Dharamsala.

When not teaching yoga, she can be found surfing, loving on puppies, prepping smoothie bowls or simply relaxing with loved ones. Her regular offering in Yoga Dojo includes Surf Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath, and Gentle Flow.

In 2016, Alex ifounded Puppy Puddle Siargao, an organization creating a better life for island dogs through fostering, adoption, medical support and mass spay and neuter clinics. She is also the main brewer of kombucha on Siargao Island.

RYT-200 Instructor

LOnnie Hutson


Lonnie has worked as a wilderness guide, outfitter, practicing artist and educator for 40 years. In 2012 he attended his first yoga class and in 2017 he completed his training* in Jackson, Wyoming. Lonnie finds the physical practice of yoga fundamental to maintaining an active lifestyle and improving personal well-being, and he is eager to share his discoveries in class. He likes to play with inversions and arm balances, and his classes focus on building strength, flexibility, body awareness and confidence to meet new yoga challenges, at any experience level. Lonnie’s classes are physical and fun. When he’s not in the yoga studio, look for him on the river or in his art studio, which he shares with his wife and business partner, and their five canine and feline companions.

Lonnie holds a degree in architecture and an MFA. After guiding as an undergraduate, he went on to work for the legendary river outfitter Martin Litton at Grand Canyon Dories, guiding and outfitting since then, until he founded Sundog Expeditions in 1999. The relationship between nature and man and their mutual impact directly influence Lonnie’s time spent on the river, and has been the subject of his artwork for two decades.

RYT-200 Instructor


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Todd Tesen
SENIOR yoga instructor

Todd’s quest in meditation and asana led him to the practices of Hatha yoga, Sivananda yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. In 2001, Todd stumbled upon the fledgling school of Anusara yoga. He recognized the clear sophistication and efficacy of its practice and methodology and immediately began training. His evolving practice led him to the most important introduction of his journey: meeting his teacher and friend, world-renowned tantric scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks, with whom he still studies.

Combining  Anusara’s asana technology and the revolutionary philosophic teachings of Brooks’ Rajanaka yoga, Todd discovered the potency of scientific sophistication paired with artistic expression. By 2003, Todd was traveling the world as a respected Certified Anusara Yoga instructor. He continues to practice daily and teach throughout the US, Mexico and South America, Europe, the UK, Ireland, Turkey and Bali.

Known for his sense of humor, steadiness and easy teaching style, Todd challenges students to linger in the depths and edges of each posture while guiding them to cultivate subtle refinements as he asks his favorite question, “Now, what are you prepared to do?”

ERYT-500 Instructor

Diana Himmelspach
yoga facilitator + ocean guidE

mindful marine adventure
in raja ampat

with din, tobias and Wanna

Diana Himmelspach, AKA Din Dolphin, is our ocean guru. With 15 years experience as a guide in Raja Ampat, also known as the last frontier, Din has seen all kinds of life forms, in and out of the water. She is a yoga facilitator, scuba instructor, freediver, underwater photographer, naturalist. She has been an ocean guide for marine biologists, divers, and surfers for the last two decades. When not at sea, she’s based in Lombok, where she teaches free diving, breath holding and yoga for surfers with a direct teaching style and a playful and caring approach. As a high school teacher in landlocked Germany, Din finally listened to the call of “the big blue” and launched a diving career that took her from the Red Sea to Thailand, Malaysia and finally Indonesia. She has studied with marine biologists and worked as a cruise director, living and teaching onboard a boat in Indonesia.

Wanna and Tobias met a kindred spirit in Din while training with Tara Judelle at an Advanced Level Embodied Flow Training in Bali, folding their love for nature into the yoga practice, and vice versa. Din offered guest lectures on marine life, and the connection between the fluid body and experience and the evolution of movement and life in the ocean as it relates to yoga.

When not running a surf camp, teaching yoga, or raising a son, she can be found free diving with whale sharks in Papua.You know, no biggie.

RYT-200 Instructor

Neesha Zollinger
yoga instructor + studio owner

Neesha Zollinger finds unparalleled joy in movement, presence, and the simple act of attention and is dedicated to sharing this passion with her students.

As a Yoga Alliance, Certified Anusara Yoga® Instructor, and owner of Akasha Yoga in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Neesha brings 27 years of yoga and dance experience to her classes, workshops and trainings.

Neesha grew up dancing, and started formal yoga practice in 1990. Arriving in Jackson Hole to practice and perform with a professional dance group, she discovered Anusara yoga, studying under Margot Snowden in the very studio space she now owns. While her flexibility allowed her to access a wide variety of poses, yoga also cast light on her tendencies to go out of balance, in asana and in life. Years of curious inquiry and mindful practice have given her balance and more energy, stamina, strength and stability—qualities she tirelessly calls upon as she raises her daughter Stella. Neesha’s teaching focuses on empowering others to find these same sources of health, happiness and renewal through detailed knowledge of the body and the steady work of paying attention.

Neesha’s teaching has taken her around the globe several times. She is a featured instructor on who also hosts her own virtual training courses, live workshops, and virtual/live teacher trainings.

ERYT-500 Instructor