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Stockholm 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Embodied Flow™ Method

  • Yoga Shakti Stockholm 10 Timmermansgatan Stockholm, Stockholms län, 118 25 Sweden (map)


This training will be taught in both Swedish and English.


The Experience

Going deep into the study of yoga. You’ll immerse yourself into your yoga practice, like you’ve been wanting to do for so long. You’ll meet a diverse group with like minds and at our basecamp, Yoga Shakti Stockholm, in the heart of vibrant Södermalm. Commit to your health, transform your body, expand your mind, and learn tools to share the benefits of your practice with others. Wether you plan to teach, deepen your practice, or learn the teachings of yoga to support your current practice or career, you’ll walk away with an accredited 200–hour Yoga Alliance Certification, and the skills to be a facilitator of yoga. Our four session, four month long program gives you the flexibility and time to integrate the teachings into your practice and your life in order to support a sustainable experience and lifelong practice.


The Yoga Program

We’ll study and practice yoga asana, meditation, pranayama (breath work), philosophy, functional anatomy, somatic movement study, mantra, yogic history. We’ll work with the foundations of facilitating yoga for yourself and others : alignment, sequencing, teaching, theming, voice and expression, as well as mentorship and the business of yoga to get you started. Upon full completion of this 200-hour program, students will fulfill the requirements for Yoga Alliance Certification (RYT-200), through the curriculum of Embodied Flow™. Wether you are hoping to teach or simply deepen your personal practice and understanding of yoga, this program is the doorway to a committing to yourself, to a healthy lifestyle of wellness and ease in the body and mind, and to serve others through your personal practice.

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Is this for me?

  • You are curious about yoga and want to go deeper

  • You would like to live more mindfully

  • You want to live in health and wellness

  • You are interested in philosophy, anatomy, spirituality

  • You would like to teach yoga

  • You would like to immerse in yoga and retain your individuality

  • You enjoy practicing yoga but are not so sure about yoga culture or yoga people

  • You’re ready to make a change in your body and/or your life

  • You’re in a transition of home, relationship or career

  • You need a little help sometimes

  • You don’t mind being barefoot most of the time

  •  You ask the hard questions, show up and do the work

  • You’re a yoga facilitator wishing to re-ignite your teaching


A Typical Day

The group will start each day in meditation, contemplation, pranayama (breath work) and mantra. We’ll have a small break in between so you can sip a cup of tea before our energizing asana practice. We reconvene for lecture, workshop, or discussion, followed by lunch. Typically there is free time in the afternoon for you to assimilate, rest or explore the neighborhood. The afternoon session is typically a grounding practice, workshop, lecture or discussion. Our daily schedule may vary based on the needs of the group.


The Stockholm Venue

Located in the heart of vibrant Södermalm district, Yoga Shakti is a meeting place for Yoga that ignites joy and energy. The venue has a calm vibe, where you have the option to sit, sip tea and relax or connect with others before or after practice. Showers and changing rooms are available and numerous cafes and shops nearby. 2 Studios: Högbergsgatan 30A (Slussen) or Timmermansgatan 10, (Mariatorget).


I recently finished yoga teacher training with Wanna. She is an excellent teacher and knows how to make learning fun, memorable, and applicable. In addition, her yoga classes are superb. She is able to tap into exactly what the student needs, allowing and helping the student safely explore their physical and spiritual edges.



6 Pillars of our Program

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The Curriculum


All yoga, all the time. 

You love a 90 minute class, you’ve done a  workshop, even a weekend or weeklong yoga retreat. Remember how great you felt? Imagine a 4 days straight, each month for four months. I know. Sounds both amazing and scary. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our classroom vibe is compassionate, supportive and kind. This field of study expands your knowledge, deepens your understanding of yoga, and shifts your personal practice to the next level. You’ll have the time, space and support to explore and question the inner workings of your own individual body and mind. 


Share the LOVE. 

Sometimes a dance party of one is great. But where’s the joy if you can’t share it? As a practitioner of yoga, you’ll invariably be asked at one point or another to show someone a how to do a headstand. You’ll try to explain that yoga is that but so much more. How? The skill of facilitating yoga goes beyond teaching a class in a studio. It’s about learning to observe the situation, connect what’s in your thoughts and feelings to your voice, and express yourself in a way that is of service and support to the greater good. This material is taught simultaneously with Topics in the Inner Sphere.


Topics In The Inner Sphere :
The Study Of Yoga

  • Philosophy

  • Pranayama

  • Asana

  • Meditation

  • Ayurveda

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Principles Of Embodied Flow

  • History Of Yoga

Expansion And Facilitation:
The Fundamentals of Teaching

  • Authentic Voice + Expression

  • The Art Of Facilitation

  • Yielding : Methods In Relationship

  • Sequencing

  • Theming : Your Unique Offering

  • Assists + Adjustments + Demos

  • Mentorship + Community

  • Business Of Yoga

Topics are taught through a mix of practice, lecture, group discussion, personal inquiry, contemplation, research, writing prompts, embodied movement practice, hands-on partner work,  readings, films, and one on one mentorship.  Students of different ages, backgrounds and levels join in a safe space. We guide with teachings, but the group mind supports the collective in deeper learning for a well rounded education. 

We’ve had students who are social workers, physical or occupational therapists, filmmakers, dance teachers, entrepreneurs. While the container for our work is the facilitation yoga, the topics and methods you’ll learn are applicable to all fields and industries. Wether its as simple as learning to speak up at work or in a relationship, you’ll learn to free your voice and find your own unique and authentic way to offer your knowledge your community. 


The Instructors


A faculty of specialist guest instructors are curated to create the a well-rounded yoga education. Our goal is not to give you answers, but to offer you different perspectives. We hope you will be inspired to ask questions and share yoga through your own curiosity. All guest facilitators will be announced.


Anja Bergh
LEAD FACILITATOR / Instagram / Facebook

Jag mötte yogan för 20 år sedan och har undervisat på heltid i 13 år.
Min styrka som yogalärare är min närvaro. I salen finns bara ni som yogar och eran rörelse är språket vi talar med varandra.
Jag är certifierad i Embodied Flow™ yoga som använder sig av de olika systemen vår kropp är byggd av för att finna oss själva genom det vi redan är, men kanske inte använt tidigare. Jag har funnit det vara ett sätt att över tid lära mig vad läkning verkligen är, vad acceptans och styrka och sårbarhet är. Alla goda ting att lära sig på denna livsresan. Och rörelse är ett av sätten att ta sig mot frihet i dig själv.

Jag var tidigare certifierad i Anusara yoga, har provat det mesta i yogavärlden , drivit egen studio i Göteborg, skrivit för yogatidningar, bloggar, reste under flera år runt i Europa för att hålla workshops och har undervisat utbildningar i 11 år,  undervisar på , jobbat som massör i många år och provat det mesta inom den alternativa världen. Mamma till en 3 åring och nu är det en annan fas i livet. Andra intressen är allt som hör till vintrar i bergsmiljö, att tända brasa utomhus, kärlek, relationer, mat och allt vackert!

Jag är djupt intresserad av det som är underliggande allt vi vet om oss själva. Fascinerad av hur vi kan tona in till sinnet av ett system och uppleva oss själva på så många olika sätt. Min önskan är för upplevd frihet i allt vi är. Du börjar med yoga asana som du tror ska göra något visst för dig, vart resan tar oss går inte att veta när vi börjar. Det finns så mycket rikedom tillgängligt för var och en av oss bara i närvaron av det vi redan är och har. Vi ses!

Wanna Johansson
FACILITATOR / Instagram / Facebook

I have 20 years of yoga practice and am ERYT-500 Instructor. I started practicing yoga in 1998 as a relief from a back injury, pain and trauma. In 2008 opened a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon, and was certified in the Anusara method. Since 2014, I’ve been assisting and training with Tara Judelle in Embodied Flow™, a yoga methodology that integrates the biomechanics and alignment from my Anusara background with the philosophy of Tantra, embodiment practices inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Embodied Anatomy and Somatic psychology. My yoga background is diverse, I’ve studied Anusara, Tantra, Vipassana, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Somatic Movement and Nigerian dance.

I’ve been leading yoga and outdoor retreats for a decade to connect the inner practices of yoga with the teachings of the nature. I want to welcome all people to yoga as a source of nourishment, growth and fun. I have all gratitude to many teachers: Tara JudelleEmil WendelTony GuilianoKenny GrahamTodd TesenNaime Jezzeny and Sue Elkind. Off the mat I’m on a skinning on splitboard, sliding on snowboard, surfing, diving, drawing in ink, or cooking you a meal.


Key Dates 2019–2020


  • 15–20 OKTOBER

  • 3–8 DECEMBER

  • 17–19 JANUARI (ONLINE)

  • 5–9 FEBRUARI

  • Dagarna är ca 08:30-18:00

  • 15–20 October

  • 3–8 December

  • 17–19 January (ONLINE)

  • 5–9 February

  • Daily hours are about 08:30-18:00


Tuition + Rates + Application


Enrollment is extremely limited. What distinguishes us from other 200-hour programs is the individual attention offered each student. By limiting the size of our teacher trainings, we can incorporate personal mentorships and individualize teachings and practices to meet the needs of our students. We want you to experience the joy and support that both a personal and teaching practice can create in your life. We also acknowledge that this is a significant investment of effort, time and finances. Please contact if you have any questions or need to organize payment options.


34 000 kr (tax included)

Email your name and phone number to

Pay the registration fee of 2500 SEK to BG: 271-8203 or purchase via online shopping cart. This guarantees your spot in the training. We will make arrangements via email for the balance of your tuition fee.


34 000 kr (inkl moms)

Mejla namn och telnr till
Betala anmälningavgiften 2500 kr till BG: 271-8203 eller lägg i varukorgen och betala här för garanterad plats.

Getting There


Yoga Shakti has two locations.
We’ll be splitting our time between both and will announce locations.

Högbergsgatan 30A

Slussen T-Bana


Timmermansgatan 10

Mariatorget T-Bana


The Embodied Flow™ Method

Tara Judelle  and  Scott Lyons  are the founders of the methodology and school  Embodied Flow .

Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons are the founders of the methodology and school Embodied Flow.

The Embodied Flow 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and methodology of yoga from an Embodied Flow perspective. Topics include asana, embodied anatomy, pranayama, meditation and the foundations of non-dual tantric philosophy. We focus on a process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, so students may experience their own unique journey in the living art of yoga. This approach prepares graduates to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

This first 200 hour level training is the initial step on the path of Embodied Flow. While it is not a requirement to want to become a teacher, all we ask is that you bring your curiosity into this intense immersion and the ever-widening path of yoga.

This 200 hour immersion delves into the landscape of yoga energetically, physically and philosophically. Participants study the foundations of Embodied Flow practices and methodology to support them as they expand and develop on their journey of the living art of yoga. While we cultivate the artistry of teaching, we learn to communicate and transmit the depth of information and experience we acquire. Participants will hone their grace, intuition and power as they develop skill and comfort in their role as teacher.

As graduates of the Embodied Flow 200 Hour Training, you will develop your unique strengths such as: the ability to clearly articulate and relay philosophy, lead students through an exciting and energy-filled practice, provide comfort and support, create an environment for reflection and healing, identify and assist alignment challenges, and guide meditation.


Going to yoga just for exercise is great, but temporary. The 200-Hour Teacher Training helped add the heart, mind, and soul to my practice. Incorporating pranayama, meditation, and asana has helped me with a lifestyle change. I’m calmer, more positive, and less reactionary. The instructors for this program are powerful mentors and sweet souls.