Adventures Outside, Wellness Inside.


We Love Winter

We are seasonal beings. Since I met Tobias, our lives have been prompted by his summer work as a river guide in the Pacific Northwest and his winter work in Park City, and later on Jackson Hole. Summer shifts, sometimes he took different work like construction. Summer has always been a busy time for work and projects for me, we do our best to pack it all in. But winter - we never sacrifice winter. In winter we keep our commitments to a minimum. In winter, we do not make morning responsibilities, as there is nothing more painful than having to go to work then there’s anything over 5 inches of fresh. Between the first ring of the alarm and the snooze, we’re checking the snow report, the AVI report. I remember the Utah days, living in a basement with seven roommates. Whoever woke up first started the coffee, and knocked on each door : “Dude, get up, they got a 11 inches up at the Bird”. Or, running frantically through the house, pulling on base layers, yelling “Monster Dump! Monster Dump! Get Up!”. That first winter was my first introduction to real powder and American ski culture. After three seasons in the Tetons, Utah felt like high school, this was college. Next level. This was high altitude. This was the back country. You eat well, you sleep well. You take care of yourself. You stretch, you train. You do all you can to ensure that you are in the best shape of your life. You change your friends, you change your job. You never do anything that that might endanger your freedom to get up before dawn to hike with your headlamp through a suffer fest to get first tracks. You don’t holiday during the winter for a beach. Winter is for being at home and shredding until you can barely walk. Winter is important. Winter is sacred. We love winter.

wanna johansson