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Guadeloupe : Work Retreat

Guade-wha? Is that in Mexico? In all honesty, the inspiration for this trip came from a Norwegian Air sale - $99 round trip from Miami. We had been nomads all our lives, not a bad thing, but we were looking for a chill and affordable vacation with surf where we could take some time outside the whirlwind of our lives and make some sort of plan for the next few years. What do we really want out of life? What is important to us, that we feel we’ve lost? What are the bucket list trips, the things we’ve been talking about doing our whole lives? What’s our big work in the world? Where do we start?

We wanted to be able to spend a good amount of time working, then pop over to the beach for a swim or surf when we hit a wall. We rented a Renault Clio at the Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport and based ourselves in sweet Airbnb in Le Moule, just 30 mins away. Our Airbnb was just a short drive from Plage de L’Autre Bord, good enough for a dip and also clos to Le Spot Damencourt for surf. Le Spot was usually pretty crowded with little groms, but a fun wave nonetheless. The rental car is key, as there were many uncrowded waves all over the island. Also, it was pretty affordable to shop at the grocery (euros) or eat street food like bokits or baguettes.

Don’t underestimate taking time out of your busy life to see what’s actually there, and navigate forward from a new and beautiful place. This trip birthed some beautiful plans for our business and our.

wanna johansson