Adventures Outside, Wellness Inside.


Anilao, Philippines : Dive + Yoga Retreat

We cannot recommend Anilao enough. While many other diving destinations in the Philippines get all the press, we are surprised to see that every time we return to Anilao, there is more and more fish, a greater abundance of wildlife . Or venue, Buceo Anilao and the surrounding resorts have done a great job of protecting the area.

Our group was a big mix, a perfect mix. We had advanced divers from Sweden (dry suit - no thanks) who had never practiced yoga. We had an experienced yogi but non-swimmer, who swam in the open ocean by the end of the trip. We had Colorado skiers who got their Open Water certification, and discovered their love for meditation. Team Canada who we met in the yoga studio in Utah, fresh into their retirement, went for their first night dive.

Our morning yoga practices focused on the skills we needed both underwater and in our lives: staying calm, yielding to the situation and environment, and ease in breath, ease in movement. We also did muscular work and stretching to avoid calf and fin cramps often associated with dive 3-4 dives per day. Evenings were for pranayama, restorative and meditation practice to wind us down for the night.

wanna johansson