Adventures Outside, Wellness Inside.

What We Do


What We Do

Our unique experiences blend wanderlust, with a little namaste and a touch of “Hold my beer, watch this.”



Our events integrate practices of mindfulness, compassion, yoga and meditation with outdoor experiences. Nature, our best teacher, informs all our teachings, bringing the practice out of the studio and integrating with our surroundings. You don’t need to be totally extreme or a tree-hugging hippie to have a deep connection with nature and explore remote places. The beauty of rivers, mountains, sky, forest, desert, jungle and ocean belong to everyone, and embracing them induces deep inner transformation. We can't be out here enough. Join us and see why.

travel to EPIC destinations + bucket list trips

We choose our venues carefully, as we believe that above all, the natural world is our best teacher. The closer we can be to a natural setting, the more potent the experience. We'll take an epic setting and over a fancy hotel any day. We don't run luxury spa style yoga retreats. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love a soft bed, an amazing view and a massage. But our focus is not so much to escape life and pamper ourselves, only to return home and get burned out again. Rather, we dive head first into our experiences, in order to shift something deeper within, so we can learn to live fully and more sustainably through nature and connecting with the environment.



It's helpful to come to the mat or the meditation seat. But sometimes too narrow a focus. Yoga is in everything we do: how we work, move, relate, eat, cook, make decisions, snowboard, paddle, swim, breathe, listen. We are eager to share the many benefits of this healing practice with you. We believe yoga is for everyone regardless of age, size, or ability. Let's practice!

health + wellness + worK/LIFE BALANCE + hit reset + DIGITAL DETOX

Our offerings inspire connection with your best self. We get a lot of people healing from work burnout, or at a health or relationship crossroad. We take you out of the everyday grind, to remind you that you are a living, breathing human, and not a machine. We create a schedule of balanced effort and ease. Healthy activity to foster health in your body, with ample rest and good food. And equally as powerful as these key factors, our guests report that simply spending time away from their phones and computers nourishes and re-energizes them, so they feel more like themselves again. We invite you to join us, hit reset, and clear out the clutter so you can get reacquainted with your true Self.



get OUTDOORs + step outside your comfort zone surf + Snow + hike + climb + dive + raft + KAYAK

Our guides are skilled and passionate, but—just as importantly—we are friendly and caring. We support people of all backgrounds to safely explore new and exciting experiences, be it yoga or the outdoors. We provide guidance and support to help you step outside your comfort zone and discover deep confidence and personal change.

curated mixed level groups

Our trips are always mixed level. More advanced surfers might be new to yoga, while more advanced yogis might be new to free diving, for example. We split up the group for activities, so people get the most out of their level of experience and their holiday, and so beginners feel comfortable trying something new. But we always return together, infusing our experiences with the excitement of a beginner’s mind and the contentment of practiced wisdom. On our trips you may choose to be alone or with others, to travel alone or with friends.



yoga training + certification

After 20 years of yoga study, we collaborate internationally with retreat centers and yoga schools to deliver yoga training and certification for students who want to deepen their practice or become instructors.


retreat planning + Organization + private or custom retreats

We organize and curate experiences for any kind of group. Are you an outdoor guide hoping to bring some yoga into your next trip? Are you a yoga teacher looking for a retreat center? Bachelorette week? Want to bring your crew to Mexico for your 40th to surf and do a little yoga? We have relationships with retreat centers in beautiful, exciting settings all over the world and would love to give you firsthand recommendations and ground support to help your create your perfect event.