• Shift your perspective.

    NATURE HEALS. WE JUST BRING YOU TO HER. Mount Adams, Washington, USA.

  • See the world.

    BECAUSE LIFE IS SHORT. Big Eye Trevally Jack,Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

  • Shift your body.

    YOGA REALLY WORKS. Public classes at Akasha Yoga in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Trainings & Retreats Internationally.

  • See your best Self.


Yoga & Outdoor Adventure Trips

We bring the practice out of the studio into nature. Some people think they need to be totally extreme or tree hugging hippies to have a deep connection with nature or be in remote places. Not true! The beauty of rivers, mountains, sky, forest, desert, jungle and ocean are available to everyone. We can't be out here enough. Join us and see why.

We’re Solid

Before running international yoga retreats and outdoor adventure trips, we ran restaurants, film productions, corporate offices, creative offices, soldier platoons and women's group therapy. Our vibe is steady, easful, versatile. Trip style is based on the needs of the group, and we're pretty sure most groups need to have an excellent time.

We Love Yoga

It's one thing to come to the mat or the meditation seat. But yoga is in everything we do: how we work, move, relate, eat, cook, make decisions, snowboard, paddle, swim, breathe, listen. This practice has healed us and we want nothing more than to share its benefits with you. We believe yoga is for everyone regardless of age, size, or ability. Let's practice!

Less is the New More

We'll take an epic experience and over a fancy hotel any day. We don't run luxury spa style yoga retreats. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love a soft bed, an amazing view and a massage. But our focus is not so much to escape life and pamper. Rather, we dive head first into living fully through nature and connecting with the local environment.

Yoga for the People

We choose venues with a clean and simple aesthetic in hopes to make these experiences affordable and accessible to all. While we need to cover our business costs, we believe money should not be an obstacle. Please always inquire about payment plans or trip assistant positions.

We’ll Run Your Trip

Are a you yoga facilitator looking for a venue, nature component, or a basecamp and support team your retreat? Are you an outdoor guide / outfitter looking for a yoga and wellness instructor for your trip? Tap into our international network of teachers, guides, and retreat centers. We also offer marketing assistance and consultation. Just ask!

Be Outside. Shift Inside.

There's an experience in each moment. We curate trips for living them fully.

Yoga + Surf on the Osa Peninsula

Yoga + Surf on the Osa Peninsula

The Osa Peninsula delivered beyond our imagination. With so many retreats happening in Costa Rica, we were surprised by how remote, empty and magic this place was. Waves for everyone.  This retreat sold out quickly, so we’re doing it again. Join us on our next adventure in 2018 : May 6 -12, 2018 Osa Retreat : ...

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Philippines Dive + Yoga Highlights

Philippines Dive + Yoga Highlights

We had an amazing time on our Dive and Yoga trip in Anilao, Philippines, and were very lucky to collaborate with the amazing Hello Super Studios. See for yourself! Join us on our next adventure : Osa Retreat : Surf + Yoga • Osa Peninsula • Costa Rica. Love this film? You can have your own too. Contact us for ...

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Just do it.

Just do it.

This is the thing – life is short, and when I’m on my deathbed, I’ll remember my memories, not the amount in my savings. This is The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things.

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People Make the World Go Round.

  • Dr. Andy Burton, Dentist

    I’ve been on a Yoga & Whitewater Kayaking Immersion and a Yoga & Surf Retreat with Toby and Wanna. They create unique experiences in amazing places that bring people together through nature and yoga.

    Dr. Andy Burton, Dentist
  • Lesha Nelson, Occupational Therapist

    I recently finished yoga teacher training with Wanna. She is an excellent teacher and knows how to make learning fun, memorable, and applicable. In addition, her yoga classes are superb. She is able to tap into exactly what the student needs, allowing and helping the student safely explore their physical and spiritual edges.

    Lesha Nelson, Occupational Therapist
  • Gayland Moffat, Financial Consultant

    Yoga with Wanna was an important turn in my life. One which I would encourage you to take and if you’re with the right teacher I believe you will have a safe, comfortable, life improving journey.

    Gayland Moffat, Financial Consultant